Our ongoing co-creation projects towards a low-carbon and circular future

Although every industry and business is unique, companies often share similar pain points in their value chains. Connecting those businesses to work on joint solutions is crucial to cutting emissions and sustainable resource use – and business profitability. Our expertise and resources are available to solve the challenges in your value chain.

Circularity Development Program for technical building solution providers

Technical building products present one of the largest emission sources in buildings, after energy use and main construction materials.

Combient Pure together with ASSA ABLOY, KONE, Swegon and Vasakronan were breaking new ground as they set out for a year-long program to further develop the product category’s circularity.

The program will accelerated developments in circularity among the participating companies with practical tools and methods, peer-to-peer learning and discussions with customers and other actors within the value chain.

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Low Carbon Building

The construction industry is responsible for 39 % of annual GHG emissions globally. Currently, the vast majority of a building's carbon footprint results from the use stage energy consumption, construction materials being the second largest emission source.

Property owners are eager to decarbonize their building portfolios. How can the construction value chain work together to take down the industry's GHG emissions?

We help our partners take low carbon building forward through the decarbonization of upfront carbon emissions.

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Cross-Industry Circular Economy Tool

If we are going to achieve a more circular economy, we will need more tools to help companies make the transition. There is a clear need for making the demand and supply of recycled materials more transparent - information that will help companies see and act on opportunities to improve circularity in their value chains.

We hepl companies move to a circular economy, where the value in materials is utilized as long as possible. Waste to Value platform helps companies see what opportunities for circularity exist around them. This is done by looking at waste in a new light and creating new kinds of material loops.

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Industry deep-dive study in Circularity in technical building products and solutions

Vasakronan, KONE and Combient Pure have come together to accelerate decarbonisation and the shift to a circular economy in the construction sector. Our joint project will focus on finding strategies to increase the use of reused and recycled materials in buildings, especially in buildings’ technical equipment.

Of all the elements that make up the building, technical equipment present the third largest emission source after energy and materials, when considering the whole lifecycle of the building.

Finding circular solutions for buildings’ technical equipment will have a significant impact on advancing decarbonization in the building industry.

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