Our team and story

Combient Pure was established to accelerate value chain wide co-operation and create business value from low carbon and circular solutions. Pure is part of the Combient Group, which brings together 34 leading companies in the Nordics to collaborate across industries.


Our team consists of experienced sustainability and business professionals.

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Combient network companies


We orchestrate a smooth and comprehensive co-development process.

1. Value chain analysis and problem definition

We analyze the sources of emissions and rationale for resource use in value chains to recognize the root causes for challenges and bottlenecks for reducing emissions or creating circular business models. Cross-industry value chains are also recognized and analyzed based on company interests. The analysis is followed by 1-on-1 discussions, open workshops, interviews, and desktop research.

2. Solution ideation

When the value chain challenge is set, we organize collaborative workshops to discuss the bottlenecks and root causes between the businesses and start developing initial ideas for possible solutions. Active background work including an analysis of potential customers are conducted alongside the workshops. The companies that are interested in building a mutual solution will actively take part in the co-development process in order to ensure a market fit.

The ideation is taken forward with the Pure team orchestrating the process, ensuring systematic progress and participation by all interested parties. The final solution concept is pitched to each participating company’s leadership to ensure buy-in and continuance to the next phase: piloting the solution.

3. Piloting and scaling

In the piloting stage, we consider different ways to take the solution forward. The project can go forward for example as:

  • an ecosystem project, where Pure is in a PMO role and each participating company allocates sufficient resourcing
  • a joint venture, where multiple companies invest and participate closely in directing it forward
  • a startup, where multiple companies may invest and guide the way, but entrepreneurs will independently direct the work forward based on the initial idea.

Depending on the format, new people may be recruited to the project team.

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