Our ongoing co-creation projects towards a low-carbon and circular future

Although every industry and business is unique, companies often share similar pain points in their value chains. Connecting those businesses to work on joint solutions is crucial to cutting emissions and sustainable resource use – and business profitability. Our expertise and resources are available to solve the challenges in your value chain.

Low Carbon Building

The construction industry is responsible for 39 % of annual GHG emissions globally. Currently, the vast majority of a building's carbon footprint results from the use stage energy consumption, construction materials being the second largest emission source.

Property owners are eager to decarbonize their building portfolios. How can the construction value chain work together to take down the industry's GHG emissions?

We help our partners take low carbon building forward through the decarbonization of upfront carbon emissions.

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Circular Economy of Batteries

The world is moving rapidly towards electrification and the demand for batteries is growing exponentially. Battery resources are limited and they must be extracted, refined, used, and recycled efficiently. The developing battery industry poses a business opportunity for creating new circular solutions.

Together with our network companies, we are developing new business solutions to ensure a closed loop for resources in the battery value chain.

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Cross-Industry Circular Economy Tool

Humans are exceeding the sustainable level of resource use and that creates scarcity and rising prices of materials. Overconsumption of natural resources has also created an unsustainable economy that causes climate change and is destructive to biodiversity.

We help companies move to a circular economy, where the value in materials is utilized as long as possible. This is done by looking at waste in a new light and creating new kinds of material loops.

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